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XJ145 business machine is sold three sets in March

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Xinji Chuangxin orders continue!

 In March, XJ145 business machines were purchased by three enterprises in Southern China, southwest and Northwest China, and the sales situation was hot!


In the early March, a publishing and business designated printing enterprise in Southern China bought a new machine XJ145-5 large format offset press.

After accumulating and summarizing the practical experience of XJ145 business printing machine series, the XJ145 is becoming more and more perfect. The equipment printed products are high quality, high speed, high yield, stable color, and won the recognition and expectation of more and more new customers. The company has been using foreign brand printing machines before, and this time with the Xinji machine, it is deeply recognized and strongly supported by the domestic brand offset printing technology.

Thanks to the approval of the new customers!


In 3 month, the leading enterprise of China's packaging industry, Nanning Jin Mei printing and packaging Co., Ltd., ordered the first 6 color machine of the  XJ145 business machine series in China! This is also the third machine that Nanning Jin Mei has ordered from the Xinji Chuangxin for many years.

This machine is comparable to the world's first-class printing press in terms of printing quality, printing speed and automation level. As an old customer of the Xinji, Nanning Jin Mei has always been the gold medal enterprise to promote and support the development of domestic offset presses.

Thank you for the support of Nanning.


At the end of 3, China's four famous wine packaging enterprise, Shanxi Baoji hengshengda industry and Trade Co., Ltd., ordered another  XJ145 series of 6 color machine!

The equipment is the first domestic 1450 large scale with 6 color offset printing machine served in Shanxi, which is of great significance to the strategic deployment of Xinji in the northwest region. After the installation and commissioning in the future, the machine will greatly improve the printing efficiency of Xifeng Liquor Packaging, and help customers usher in a lot of new business opportunities.

Thank you for the trust of Hengsheng industry and trade.

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