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Xinji Chuangxin XJ145 Zhanjiang demonstration was held successfully

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December 16th, Xinji Chuangxin ultimate products - the fifth generation of Daquan offset press XJ145-5 product demonstration was held in the Zhanjiang Huaxing Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. 


On the eve of this demonstration, it coincides with the news of the Xinji headquarters: many XJ145 order contracts have been successfully signed. More confidence is added to the successful presentation of the presentation. XJ145 in the field of superior performance, indeed, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment!




The products of the demonstration site are all the daily printing products of Huaxing company. The company's new XJ145 has printed two different sizes of products at high speed in an hour. During the time of 7 minutes and 20 seconds for Version (semi automatic handling five Taoban paper), time for 9 minutes (including paper, preset the preset pressure automatic adjustment function), the other time in the state of high-speed printing.

The superior performance of the machine has aroused great interest of the guests, from the feeder to the printing unit to the part of the paper, alcohol box, ink control device; from the printing quality to the beautiful appearance, the guests were full of praise, have expressed strong purchase intention. As Huaxing wrapper Zhu said: XJ145 is worth more than expected!


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